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Fulvio Soncini | Presidente
Francesco Soncini | Direttore generale
Linda Possamai | Ufficio Commerciale

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Alcune delle nostre sezioni:
Reparto meccanico
Ufficio tecnico

We have been manufacturing jewellery boxes and displays for over 50 years. In our sector we are recognised as a point of reference at world level. We collaborate with primary institutions and with some of the most prestigious firms in the numismatic sector.

Our production know-how also includes the development of production systems. Product moulds and machinery employed, starting from the plastic injection process, have been conceived, designed and manufactured in our R&D department, by means of Cad-Cam software and numerical control machines.

The result: as for the basic boxes we use automatic lines working 16 hour shifts with very low manpower and a capacity of several ten thousands boxes a day. As for top products we have reached unparalleled quality that is eroding market shares to the traditional custom products.

Recently we started to satisfy specific requests of custom made boxes expression of the total commitment of ancient artisans.